What is Composting

What is Composting
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What is Composting

What is Compost?

Compost is occurs when organic materials such as leaves, kitchen waste, twigs, grass and plants broken down to produce  humus.  Compost is beneficial to lawn and gardens as it boosts lawn fertility, stops soil erosion and is an excellent source of nutrients for potted plants.

Composting with a rotating compost bin or a compost tumbler is the easiest method of composting. Compost tumblers have several advantages over other methods of composting. For example they are easy to turn turning, they are easy to clean, pest-resistant, odour resistant, and the compact design means they are suitable for suburban backyards and areas where laws prohibit open compost piles.

The benefits of composting

  • Herbs, fruits and vegetables grow better in nutrient rich soil
  • You will save money on fertilizers
  • Compost does not contain chemicals
  • Reduces the amount of waste to landfill
  • Easy way to dispose of garden refuse
  • Improves soil
  • Improvise plant growth
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Puts nutrients into the soil.
  • What not to add

What not to compost

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Weeds
  • Seeds

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